Wednesday, November 16, 2011

@humblebrag: My Favorite Twitter Feed

We're new to twitter (obviously, follow us @Ladies_bits), and we still aren't really sure how it works. Is it correct usage of the verb to say, we "tweeted at" someone? Sounds kind of aggressive. And our mother had to explain to us what a "hash tag" was, so as you can see, we're slightly behind the times. 

The genius "who to follow" feature suggested to me that I follow @humblebrag, and I thought, "what's a humble brag?" I clicked follow, and man, how have I not been using this term? Am I already this unhip?

You remember when I was bitching about the braggy, narcissistic posts over on facebook? Humblebrag is the word for what these people are doing! And the @humblebrag twitter feed (is that what we call it?) is some awesome person re-tweeting humblebrags from around the twuniverse (tweetiverse?). Stuff like:

"Being the "she" in gorgeous songs blows my mind."


"Just got approached by someone in mcdonalds, they asked if I was Ryan Gosling, I said no, they looked very disappointed, shrugged and left"

I wonder if I can make submissions.

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