Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Playlist: Middle School Slow Jam Flashback Edition

Maybe it was the visit home last week for Thanksgiving, and the resulting trip down memory lane, but today I'm in the mood for some good R&B slow jams. And arguably, the years I spent in 6th - 12th grade were the renaissance for amazing slow jams. They just don't make music like this anymore. Maybe the reason I don't listen to the radio anymore is because of the sad lack of slow jams. "112" Pandora Station for the win, y'all.

I'm inspired to put together a playlist of my favorite middle/high school slow jams to fully induce you into a flashback to awkward cafeteria slow dances, hoping you'll get asked to dance. If you were like me, the only people that would ask you were your Homecoming Queen sister's guy friends who were probably just trying to get on her good side by being nice to the little sister. All the boys smelled like "Tommy" cologne (side note: I still love the smell of this) and were wearing their shiniest Jordans. I was still wearing basketball shorts to school and doc martin 8-hole boots to the fancy cotillion dance. Ahh, the awkward years (ages 11 - 19). 

Commence flashback!

1. Cupid - 112: To this day, I cannot shake the association between this song and watching the first guy I ever liked dance with one of my best friends, soon to become his girlfriend. Wah wah, it's not a sad association anymore, but kind of funny to me now, since I strongly believe in not peaking in high school. I mastered that one.

2. Angel of Mine - Monica: I'm pretty sure this was the theme for one of my sister's proms. We like to keep it classy in Sacramento.

3. Anytime- Brian McKnight: One of HB's dude friends asked me to dance at a Homecoming dance to this song. The fact that I still remember that indicates how big a deal this was to me at the time. He definitely smelled of Tommy cologne and I thought I was going to die of happiness. If I have sons, I will teach them to ask at least one awkward girl to dance at each school dance, because the small act of kindness is like the nicest thing he could ever do for future dorks of the world.

4. If I ever fall in love - Shai: My best friend in high school always sang this. It's still awesome.

5. Missing You - Case: This one is a classic.

6. One in a Million - Aaliyah: R.I.P. Home-girl. Also, remember her creepy relationship with R. Kelly?

7. Water Runs Dry - Boys II Men: This album was my first CD ever. Yes kids, I lived in a time before CDs. 

8.  Your Remind me of Something - R. Kelly: This song is still pretty scandalous.

9. My Body - LSG: The youtube comments on this are awesome.

10. Pony - Ginuwine: Okay I'm not sure if this was ever played at a school dance (but I'm betting it was), and it's not necessarily a slow dancing song. But seriously, they just don't make music like this anymore. And remember, you can always dance alone to the Pony.

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