Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stuff Skinny Girls Eat: Volume 1

I recently switched from an old-school, highly bureaucratic, public sector-like energy client to working for the IT organization in the headquarters of a global, ubiquitous, famously parodied clothing retailer. We'll call it The Divide. 

Whereas the employees of my former client were comically unfashionable - think kitten sweatshirts, straw hats, and honest-to-god mom jeans - employees at The Divide pull out all the fashion stops at work. There is one lady, who, I swear to jesus, thinks she's Ke$ha. I have seen bare mid-drift in the workplace. It's a whole new world over here.

I really love my project at The Divide, don't get me wrong. People here are young, smart, and there is actual energy in the office. It's great. But one thing that I have noticed, as a cheese loving, big boned-ed normal lady is that on average, ladies here are QUITE thin. Like, average size 4 up in this building.

I have been gathering evidence about how these ladies maintain their figures whilst grabbing food in the on-site cafeteria. While I'm excitedly procuring my breakfast burrito or 2 pound, $16 dollar salad, I have observed that perhaps I eat more than the average (skinny) bear. Thus, I would like to periodically share with you some of most ridiculous purchased meals I see in the Divide Cafeteria.

Today's featured meal: A single piece of bacon.
Yes. A single piece of bacon for breakfast. All I can say is, I would be gnawing on my fingers for nourishment by 10:00 AM.

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