Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The things never stop

It's been around the block and is very popular on this here internets, but "This is why I'll never be an adult" over on Hyperbole and a Half is still the best representation I've come across of why being a grown-up sucks SO MUCH.

Remember when you were little and your life was a series of discrete tasks? You finished your chores, or your homework, and that was it. You didn't notice the dog hair accumulating again in the corners of the living room, or the disgusting state of your bathroom. Didn't you JUST sweep and scrub the toilet? Like, last week?

The things never end. I think that's the essence of getting older. You resign yourself to the fact that in work and at home, you'll spend a whole bunch of time on completely fruitless tasks that will just need to be done again in a week. You never get a point where everything is in place, all your chores are done, and you can just kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

That's why some weekend days the BF comes home to me sprawled out face down on the bed, taking one of my patented "Frustration Naps" (a termed coined in the midst of an Ikea construction induced episode) - the result of my becoming completely overwhelmed with the enormous responsibility of being a self sufficient adult.

At about this time, I'll talk to my dad and he'll say something wise and disarming like, "Biscuit, how do you eat a whole elephant?" and I'm forced to respond, "One piece at a time, Father Biscuit," and admit that I'll survive.

On another, not super upbeat note, the awesome writer of Hyperbole and a Half has been MIA for a while, but finally just posted an awesome new update, which is a pretty fantastic and humorous take on what it's like to be depressed. Very insightful and oh so true. Go waste some time on her blog, she's an awesome lady.

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  1. Instead of doing any of the things, we should probably just build robots that do all the things.