Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Neurosis of the Day : Thanksgiving Edition!


 I am a control freak posing as a Sagittarius. On the surface I'm all calm and reason; deep inside its a battle between Shaved Head Britney, and Tracy Flick.

 Side Note:  If blogger had a font named "One Card Short" that was a graphical manifestation of the crazy that happens in my head, I would use it now. (also, often).

 While generally I do have a pretty long fuse and I relatively high idiot tolerance level, I have an extraordinarily low threshold for disappointing myself.  That combination of traits means that I tend to rely a bit too much on myself and expect too little from those around me. This in turn creates an extraordinary demand for control over my own day to day operations.  This need for control is directly proportional to the number of tasks/actions that I believe I need to accomplish at any given time.

 Enter...Thanksgiving.  A normal individual, possessing both a normal capacity for putting things in perspective, and a normal set of expectations for themselves, may see this Holiday as a wonderful time to cook and eat and watch football. And I do too. At first.  Inevitably, "Mmmm Thanksgiving Snacks" turns (through a Rube Goldberg like serious of reactions in my head) immediately into "OH MY GOD HOW CAN ONE OVEN POSSIBLY PRODUCE AN IRON CHEF QUALITY MEAL IN 1 DAY".

The chart pictured above may seem cray-cray to you, normal person, but for me it's a necessary psychotropic drug. Being a geek is my Xanex. Charts, and schedules, and lists, and data are the best way to corral my own emotional hurricanes.  I now have a detailed and executable plan for accomplishing the unreasonable. All projects and resources are planned and delegated and I can get back to "Mmmm Thanksgiving Snacks. Below is a photo of the schedule in action. For those of you that find my process intriguing, I urge you to seek counseling, and I would be happy to provide any additional information you may like on making a loony chart of your own.


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