Monday, October 17, 2011

So that's why we started this blog...

“I look at the people in positions of authority in my office and see the stress and pressure they are under,” says one. She has lowered the bar beyond which satisfaction supposedly waits. “It makes me think, Well, maybe I don’t have to be in charge. Maybe I’ll be okay with just keeping afloat rather than making a splash.”

The Hairpin linked to this great article this morning. It's not that uplifting (someone has a case of the Mondays), but it does make me feel better about my present circumstance of unwillingly wearing super-corporate business pants.

Also spot on - this passage:
"And since we are, as a generation, more addicted to positive reinforcement than any before us, and because we have learned firsthand the futility of finding that affirmation through our employers, we have returned to our stuff-making ways, via pursuits easily mocked: the modern-day pickling, the obsessive Etsying, the flower-arranging classes, the knitting resurgence, the Kickstarter funds for art projects of no potential commercial value. "
*Shifty eyes* Ladies Bits *Cough Cough*

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