Friday, October 7, 2011

Look at your life, look at your choices

Sometimes at work when I'm being asked to care, like, REALLY CARE, about something like some obscure business process, or adding the "Special-Sauce"(this is an actual buzz word that real business pants wearing people use) to an employee engagement event, I think back to this sassy young man.

What are you doing? What, what, what are you doing? Seriously Sassy Gay Friend, how did I get here? Why are people telling me I need to work on my Executive Presence? Because in my calculations and observations, that means being a bigger asshole. I could write a novel about what I thought I'd do with my life, and how exactly I ended up being a Bob from Office Space, but that project is for another day.

I realize this is a total white person problem, so for now I will pass my time finding entertainment on the internet, creating ENTIRE documents and emails in buzz words, and generally finding all the humor I can in my day to day life, while waiting for my kind benefactor to come along. Any takers?

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