Thursday, October 13, 2011

She's Crafty: LA Face with an Oakland Booty

I love arts and crafts... which is why technology consulting is such a good fit for me, amIright? Yep, creativity all day every day!

When I started at my new firm, I not only regained the right to sleep in my own bed instead of hotels every night, but I took back about 60 hours of personal time per week. It's been great! I can have hobbies and a life again!

The first thing I took on after I quit was cross-stitching. My boyfriend tells me this is something only 65 year old grandmothers do, but whatevs, HB and I learned how to cross stitch from our step mommy when we were kids and it stuck.

Given that I will never be a person that has seasonal decorations or grown-up artwork in my house, homemade cross-stitches seemed like the perfect home decor. I went on the search for the perfect pattern, and I hit a jackpot with Etsy seller Steotch. This lady is mad talented yo!

I ordered a couple of patterns, but I just finished my first masterpiece: "A Fair Young Lass"

Rap lyrics and bum worship - it's perfect for my living room! I plan on hanging it next to the one piece of professional art I've ever purchased: a pencil sketch of Eazy-E.

This pattern might make me go back on the no-seasonal decorations philosophy, though. How can you say no to Muricah and butter?

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