Friday, October 28, 2011

I like Young Adult literature, and I'm not ashamed

I've shamelessly devoured almost every popular young adult series to be released in the last 10 years. And before that, it didn't count, because I WAS a young adult. My Babysitter's Club and Sweet Valley high obsessions were totally legitimized (speaking of which, if you loved Claudia and gang as much as I did, check this out). It started (continued?) with Harry Potter, of course. I was the creepy 23 year old who obsessively sniffed out a copy of the 7th book on it's release day in Santiago, Chile. Then I was the creepy 23 year old crying while reading the conclusion on my flight back to the states. Totally normal stuff.

I admit that I also read the whole Twilight series, for which I was endlessly ridiculed. Yeah, it's written by a Mormon with a crazy religious subtext, but whatever, it was entertaining. Most recently, I went through the whole Hunger Games series in about a week. You guys, this one is so good. It's dark and scary and a little bit twisted. And the main character, Katniss, is a kick ass heroine that I wish I had read about as a young lady. My only criticism was how short the books and series are. It's easy to burn through a book in a day or two.

I was really sad when I finished the whole series in such a short amount of time, so now I'm of course waiting for the movies to be released. Immediately after I finished the books I really wanted more, and I was watching all the movie news very closely. There wasn't much. They gave us almost nothing! Well,  they finally released movie posters with more character images! My favorites are Effie and Cinna. I am so excited. Who wants to go and be the oldest people in the theater with me next March? Anyone?  

If you're looking for other creepy/guilty pleasure reading, definitely check out Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series - the books behind True Blood. Vampire/Werewolf/Fairy/Shape Shifter Romance Novels? Yes please. Don't judge me. 

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