Friday, October 28, 2011

Recognize: you are nature's bitch.

Being a Holar Bear, I have a unique perspective on the way humans interact with nature.  I think in general, humans view everything a wee bit more anthropocentrically than they should. You may be worried that this is going to turn into the ethical rant from a super-hippie-flower-cub, but you'd only be partially correct. I tend towards the practical in almost every situation. Some of you may be saying "HB, what is practical about those early 90's Queen Latifah style hoops you are wearing?" The answer: They go with EVERYTHING, they let you know I am a Lady, and also that I am not afraid to wear giant gold hoops so you shouldn't eff with me. See, practical!
But I digress. My reasons  for believing that people are a little too focused on people are things such as: many varieties of animals can kill you if they want, storms eat houses, people flesh is squishy and their talons are useless, and Nature gives us food. I am keenly aware of my place in nature's grand scheme and I am always frightened for the humans who chose to believe that because their brains are bigger (squishy), that they are invincible. 
I cringe when I see a person with their back to the ocean, I shake my fist at people who try and keep wild animals as pets, I giggle when I hear about people wanting to swim with dolphins, and I am genuinely saddened when people waste resources because they are entitled or lazy.
On a lighter note...I love it so so so much when nature bitch-slaps stupid people back to reality (note: I said bitch-slap, not maim or kill, or devastate). Enter a favorite Internets Gem of mine: Animals being dicks. Enjoy.


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