Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ladies Love Mindy Kaling

I just pre-ordered Mindy Kaling's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? This is a big deal, because I have been temporarily banned from buying hard copies of books due to the trauma of our recent move out of a second story home and into a third story apartment. BF and I had some "conversations" about whether it made sense for me to be holding on to my 40 pound micro-econ textbooks from grad school. "Lee Friedman is a genius, LEAVE ME ALONE" wasn't a very compelling argument, so BF granted me long-term use of his kindle with the understanding that I would download weightless copies of my train-reading instead of amassing more books that would eventually need to be moved out.

So yes, pre-ordering a hard cover copy of a book is a big deal around our home. I can't really say anything about my imaginary best friend Mindy that people haven't said before me: you feel like you know her, she speaks for women like me, she's g-d hilarious. Ladies love her.

You know what else is awesome? Her website. I highly recommend you waste some time reading through. My favorite find is the audio file here: it's  Mindy reading the section from her book called "Best Friend Rights and Responsibilities." Fluff, she's talking to us!

"It is super weird for us NOT to share a bed. How else will we talk until we fall asleep?" - TRUTH.

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