Monday, October 24, 2011

Exercise Jackpot!

I'm running (old lady shuffling) my fourth half marathon on 11/20 in Monterey, CA, and I'm finally forcing myself on the long runs I need to prepare. I finished my 7 mile run on Saturday evening and clicked off my nike+ app, and JACKPOT! I have run exactly 777.7 miles - after hitting the 7 mile distance in my training! This must mean I'm about to win the lottery or become independently wealthy, right?

And before you get at all impressed that I have moved my ass over 777.7 miles in space, this is a running total since December 2008.

I should mention that the Nike + GPS app is great, and after I recently updated it, Dirk Nowitzki started talking to me, congratulating me on my runs. Since I run without headphones and my iPod talks out loud, it was a pretty awesome surprise for the people waiting at the bus stop I walked by. Me and Dirk - homies for life.

I'll let you know when the lotto money comes through. Should be any day now.