Monday, January 30, 2012

You may have noticed that I'm MIA today

I bet you were all just sitting there clicking refresh on your browser, hoping for new bits. You were, weren't you!? All 12 of you!

Anyway, the reason I have been MIA today is that all of my procrastination time has been directed towards... drum roll please... wedding planning!

That's right, my BF with the awesome hair is going to make it official. I'm now practicing my best bridezilla face and planning my perfect bro-ho wedding (seriously, if you haven't been watching Bridezillas on WE, you're missing out).

I kid, but seriously, I just took pinterest to the next level. My board is called bridezirra! and it's 99% signature cocktails. Basically all the cocktails are my signatures. And did you catch that Arrested Development reference?

So, I'm really excited to next take this wedding blogging genre to a whole new level. I hope the world is ready. And to my lovely bridal party: I expect you all to be "the wild card."  Did you think we were going to make it out of here without a Melissa McCarthy/Bridesmaids reference? That's just the beginning.