Thursday, January 26, 2012

What does Ladies Bits Say About you?

I'm guessing it would say that you really love Biscuits, Holar Bears, cheese, laughing, dance-offs, Lisa Frank, costumes, and failed diet attempts. Also, reality TV and grief bacon.

Go here and see what your real favorite blog says about you.

Of me:

The Hairpin: You get the importance of hand towels. A lot of other shit in your life is out of control, but you are not gonna make anyone visit your home and dry their hands on your bath towel, like a peasant. You have an uncanny ability to guess the correct time of day within a five-minute range. It's a shame "spunky" is such a gross little word because it used to be a good one and it would be helpful right now.

Jezebel: You convinced your mom to leave your dad, and she’s never been happier.

Serious Eats: You’ve debated about Five Guys vs. In ‘n’ Out.

Videogum: You’ve openly scoffed at a celebrity in person.

Pretty spot on. I read a lot of blogs.

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