Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Biscuit without Biscuits: Vegetarian Paleo Diet Adventure Part 2

I rode the shuttle to work with one of my favorite co-workers this morning and was regaling her with tales of my Paleo food adventures, and she said, "so you're on like week 2 now?"

Nope, I'm on Day 4. It's been a long 4 days. Holar Bear is in town, and this weekend will be a true test of my resolve to stick with this. We're going to our family's mountain cabin tonight for a few days of hibernation and wine drinking (look for some fun live-blogging)!

Monday night she and jesus-centaur stayed with us in SF and we ordered Thai food. I successfully avoided stuffing my face with Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles. I didn't even touch the tofu - I stuck with a red curry with shrimp, and spicy garlic shrimp - no rice. It was tough, you guys. One of my secret weapons is a bag of raw flax crackers that taste like rotten ass and effectively kill my appetite. I need to start carrying them in my purse.

Last night, due to some poor planning, I was without food between my 11:45 AM-sharp lunch and 7:00 PM, and I turned into a raging female stereotype - the angry lady on a new diet. My blood sugar had dipped to perilous levels, and I turned into a monster that couldn't make a decision for the life of me. All I knew was that I needed food, and I couldn't be bothered to ask nicely for it. I stopped talking to my companions and started angry-texting my friend who is also doing this diet. She confirmed that she had also turned into a hangry monster at about 5:45 PM. Argument 2 for keeping ass crackers in my purse.

I'm also craving meat for the first time in my 6 years as a vegetarian - sometimes pescatarian. I had a seared salmon filet that was quite rare for dinner last night, and normally the rawness would really bother me, for textural/gross-out reasons. But last night I really enjoyed ripping through that fish with my teeth. I think I'm turning into a ravenous carnivore, because I found myself staring at the BF's cheeseburger like it was a huge chunk of cowgirl triple creme.

Other fun facts about my first 4 days:
  • A lady said "check list" in my presence and I heard "chex mix."
  • I've become a weird person that takes pictures of my food, because it's easier than writing it down. I now have a full collection of photos of egg and vegetable omelettes smothered in Valentina extra spicy. Should come in handy one day.
  • I dreamed that I accidentally ate licorice (how do you accidentally eat something?) and I was really disappointed in myself.
  • One glass of wine makes me extremely loopy (and probably contributed to my hangry monster behavior last night).
  • Grass fed butter makes everything taste like sweet, scrumptious, emotional comfort.
  • Carrots now taste like pure sugar candy (I'm not technically supposed to eat these).

On the upside, I have actually lost about 4.5 pounds. Granted, my starting weight was abnormally high because of my impending period and a farewell to carbs meal that included pizza and french fries. I also know that that weight is most certainly water weight and decreased bloat, but it's still encouraging, right?

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  1. Hope your knuckles don't start dragging on the ground....