Thursday, December 15, 2011

On Sunday I Stumbled into the Twilight Zone

We need to talk about something crazy that happened to me on Sunday night.

I'm home alone, still recovering from Friday night Holiday party shenanigans (leave me alone, I'm old), and flipping through the channels looking for something to pass the time. I did something I rarely do: take the guide on down below ESPN and Bravo to the network stations, hoping that I'll find a new procedural or fairy tale-based crime drama to watch. Something strange caught my eye: a program called simply "Dance Party" on channel 13. Of course I surfed on over, and this is what I found:


Obviously what we have here is an 80s Michael Jackson dance party. And in case you didn't notice, masked MJ in the red jacket is definitely a lady. Props to you, lady, on your costume commitment.

Behold, the sexiest dancer in all the land:

Did you SEE THAT? He's busting a move with a yo-yo. Pink dress lady is trying to outshine you, but my eyes are glued to your photo-realistic nature t-shirt and silver gloved magic hand.

And, of course, what would a dance party be without a little soul train action?

This program lasted for a full hour. There's a host and a DJ. There was a dude dressed as Teen Wolf. And, as you can see, it's not professional level dancing. It's like a motley crew of people that wandered in off the street in 80s costumes and just started dancing. I thought I was on drugs when I found this, and now it's on my DVR forever as proof. I googled this today and it turns out ANYONE can go dance at the dance party! The best part is, filming starts at 11 AM, so you can do a little wake and shake (ha). I've added this to my bucket list. Who's in?

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