Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ladies Love Julie Klausner

"Speaking of Sapphic titillation, I must admit to emitting a Rick Perry–ian homophobic howl when Brandi and Camille rubbed their sinewy leatherbodies against each other, like they were marking the jilted territory Kelsey Grammer and Eddie Cibrian left to dry. This was after a painful scene in which bra-less Brandi auditioned for the part of “Animal in heat presenting” as she, Camille, Dana, and Adrienne bowled a game in the classy and elegant “Lebowski” suite of the Palms Casino and Fun-time Calamari Palace."
I cannot get enough of Julie Klausner's RHOBH recaps. The Monday night ritual of red wine + Kim Richards followed by the Tuesday morning recap makes the beginning of the week bearable.  Keep it coming, Lady Klausner. If you're all caught up on your other online procrastinating, also check out her podcast, "how was your week?"  If you read a lot of internet, chances are she's covering topics you'll love.

Also, there's this:

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