Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I love Figs

You know I love a gif. Or a fig, which is what I always type when I try to type gif. So figs, I love them. And friend to the Ladies Bits, Scribe/CW pointed me to this awesome website, what should we call me, which promptly ate 4 hours of my life. Girlfriend takes funny gifs and titles them appropriately. Simple concept- excellent execution.

You may also know that reality tv gifs is one of my favorite time wasters. Obviously, because it combines two of my passions: reality TV and figs. So, I wanted to play the WSWCM game with reality tv gifs and current events in my life. Here goes.

When my border-violating desk-mate talks. Or uses her mouse at a 90 degree angle from her body.

When new parent friends on facebook post something about a child or child-rearing

When the lady at Nordstrom made me try on this figure skating outfit

Any time I clean the house while listening to music

When I've locked a hunk of cheese in my sights. Or Jon Hamm.

When someone tries to speak to me before my first cup of coffee

After tasting Paleo approved "flackers"

Every time a new Ohio State NCAA Violation is reported

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