Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Biscuit Plans a Wedding: Best Internets Finds

Ever since I started planning this thing, I have applied my internet and celebrity gossip diligence to wedding blogs. Meaning, I check for updates multiple times a day. And when I find a blog I like, I will scroll through the whole archive, even if it takes hours. I have found tons of great ideas for the wedding - lots of fun and easy-to-make decorations, and tips for saving money.

I have also found some completely bonkers, hilarious, and so bad it's amazing stuff. People taking themselves way too seriously. Heinous bridesmaid dresses. And of course, engagement sessions that take fromage to a new level of excellence. I care about you, our 12 loyal readers, so I wanted to share my best wedding finds with you. Enjoy!

1. The I think she thinks she's a model for Anthropologie engagement shoot: Hop on over to the Green Wedding Shoes blog and soak in the glory of Jacqueline and Kyle's Sausalito engagement shoot. This couple definitely wins the world record for taking themselves seriously. Bonus? They live in my city. I really hope I run into them someday, and that it takes me a while to place the face. I hope I've had a few glasses of cab before I finally place them, and then I hope I loudly "whisper" "there's the girl who reenacted the Kanye video where he falls in love with a Phoenix!"

Fiance's balls firmly in death grip
Just hanging out here at the beach with our old chandalier and cake stands. Sunday Funday!
2. The Hunger Games Wedding Inspiration Shoot: Listen: I'm as obsessed with the Hunger Games as anyone else. But you  know what's not romantic? A mandated Child Death Match. I know that what I want to think about on my wedding day is a post-apocalyptic world in which a centralized fascist government oppresses and abuses all of the citizens in periphery territories.  Thanks for all the extra inspiration, Green Wedding Shoes!
Katniss would kick your ass for this, lady
Weddings and cupcakes: global symbols of rebellion, like the mockingjay!
3. The Toon Town Engagement Shoot: Ah Green Wedding Shoes, you certainly are a treasure trove, aren't you? This extremely creepy Roger Rabbit themed engagement shoot made me spit up my coffee. To each her own on their wedding and engagement. Also, these two are apparently animators, so I guess it makes sense. But that angry little baby is so creepy, so un-like anything that harks to the sentimentality of a couple in love, that I can't help but feel like maybe one day they'll wish these creeps hadn't been superimposed over their pictures? Or, maybe they have a line of beanie babies in their back car window. Who knows.

Excuse me, there's a creepy little bald man in your shot
4. This Pose.I have seen so many variations on this.What are you looking at? Is there something stuck to your shoe? Hate eye contact with your partner? I don't get it. Maybe I just can NOT imagine myself posing like this with a straight face. But that's probably why all my wedding portraits will look like Awkward Family Photos. 
I'm sorry... you just smell really bad
5. This DIY Wedding Dress:  I saw this dress from afar and I was like, "dang, that's really pretty!" Then as I scrolled through the pictures I realized, "DANG, THAT DRESS IS COMPLETELY SEE-THROUGH!" Lady: you've got a rockin body. No mistake there. But if you're so talented that you could craft this dress on your own, aren't you also talented enough to, I don't know, line it? Maybe you're into the thought of walking down the aisle in view of your grandparents, with all your bits hanging out, but I'm not really into it. And from this angle, you kind of look like a Victorian prostitute:

I'll be keeping my future favorites in mind. More to come on this topic.


  1. so because i am an asshole with too much free time and a computer; i got you a gift...!

    love scribe

  2. Such excellent detective work, scribe. The nighttime photos from the engagement sesh are simply divine.