Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"French Government official publicly refers to females as 'human beings'. " - Pack up your vaginas ladies, France it is.

Hey Ladies,

  Have you been feeling "less than fresh" lately? Perhaps you've noticed some irritation in your lady parts? Yeah me too. Which Summer's Eve product is supposed to get rid of the of politicos invading our vaginas?

I can't think about any of this too much and maintain my nonchalant humorous take on life, so I will make this short.  Jezebel posted this article about France banning child beauty pageants After my initial visceral reaction to thought of French people missing out on Toddlers and Tiara's, I was struck by this quote:

"The senator who wrote the report, Chantal Jouanno, has said that the sexualization of young girls is "contrary to the dignity of the human being" and is a step backward for gender equality."

This is a politician speaking. About lady children. Using the words human and dignity.

Refreshing to say the least.  If I continue having to watch these dudes

 tell me how to use my vagina and about which civil liberties/basic human rights I will be losing this week, I will have to pack my vagina and all of my other ladies bits and go on a long vacation. Call me when they pass a constitutional amendment that in order to make policy governing my vagina you must be able to locate a vagina on a map of an adult woman.  Seriously, look at these guys.


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