Monday, February 13, 2012

Biscuit without Biscuits: Paleo Adventure Season Finale

If my Paleo Adventure were a weight-loss reality TV series, then Saturday was the Grand Finale Results Show. And you know what, guys? I wasn't the Biggest Loser. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

The four of us met with our Nutrition Lady for final measurements and body fat testing. Here are my results (in terms of difference before and after):

Bust: (1.75")
Bra-line: (1.25")
Belly Button: (0.75")
Hips: (2.0")
Thigh: 1.25"
Bicep: (0.5")
Calf: (0.25")
Body Fat: (0.4%)
Weight Lost: (9 lbs)

Total Inches Lost: 6.5" - negating the 1.25 inches gained in the thighs. I'll get to that.

So - not bad for a little over 4 weeks, right? It's certainly more effective than anything else I have tried in the last 2 years. I would include my before and after pictures, but I'm sorry, I'm not emotionally ready for that exposure. 

So, I know what you're burning question is now: how the hell did your thighs grow? I mean, seriously. They were already pretty solid. Well, the going hypothesis is that it's because I showed up for our measurements directly after this trail run:

Yes, that's a straight 1000 foot climb for the first 1.75 miles. As those kids would say, I was "swoll." Does this actually happen? Our muscles actually get "pumped"? I know one thing for sure: 2 days later I still cannot walk. I'm waddling around the office like a robot/cowboy. Lessons learned: 1, never tell the Cheese Weasel about a trail run you aren't sure you want to do, and 2, maybe a few training runs would be a good idea. Because I'd only run ONCE since my half in November. Not training for a run up a mountain: not my best ever idea.

In total, the four of us ladies lost about 34 inches of fat. A few of the others lost over 2% body fat. It wasn't surprising to me that I didn't lose as much as others, but it was still frustrating. They are already much smaller than me! And, while I haven't had abundant simple carbs and sugars in my life for years, my dear ladies were cereal and ice cream eaters. So, it would appear that my fat storage issues go much deeper, and I have a lot further to go. 

So, what's next? I'm going to stick with this. If I keep making progress in the next month or so, I'll keep going from there. 30 days at a time is how I'm thinking about it. At least until November, because I have a long way to go to feeling comfortable in white, the world's most flattering color.

And, if nothing else, I made two awesome new friends, who I bonded with through rebellious wine drinking and cold cut binging. 

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