Friday, April 20, 2012

Did it Hurt?

...when your fiancee castrated you?

The longer I plan this wedding thing, the more I hate weddings. Which I think is a good thing, because I'm not being tricked into buying silly things. And along the lines of ridiculous people taking themselves VERY seriously, I found this "Notebook" themed engagement session and I almost died of embarrassment for these people. And then, I got to the bottom of the page, and saw that this movie themed engagement photo shot is a thing. Ugh. Check out this classic from a Harry Potter Photo Shoot: 
This blowing the glitter thing. I don't get it. I see it everywhere. Here we are, in our Hogwarts uniforms, just blowing some glitter into the air. So many things about this boggle the mind. First of all, and this goes for almost every engagement photo shoot I see, I cannot imagine telling Mr Luxurious Locks, in all seriousness - hey, hold this glitter. Look into the camera and just blow it into the air. Or, MLL: RIDE THIS BROOMSTICK! Now act like Ryan Gosling! 

Okay, maybe I'd consider asking him to start all his communications to me with, "Hey girl..." But, despite the fact that he lets me dress him up like my own personal Ken doll for costume parties, I don't think he would ever consent to acting out a Nicholas Sparks movie, to be documented on film.

And second of all: Is there ANY chance that this will not one day end up on Awkward Family Photos? Because while it may seem very "of the moment" now, I promise you that one day, this will  be as hilariously awkward to everyone as it is to me right now. 

I highly recommend taking a look through all these themed engagement sessions. The one that is actually pretty funny and awesome is the Star Wars shoot. Because, face paint. Always a good choice.

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